Piano Tuning

How often should I get my piano tuned?

Piano manufacturers recommend that a new piano is tuned at least every 6 months, however yearly tunings are usually suitable for most pianos in our temperate climate once they are a few years old.

A 2 to 5 yearly tuning interval may provide adequate maintenance for pianos that are not heavily played and where a fine and stable tuning is not required.

Regular tunings leave more time for adjustment of the action (regulation) and any other minor repairs and issues that may need addressing on a regular basis.

Piano tuner tuning an upright piano

Concert pitch and pitch raise tuning

Concert pitch (a=440hz) is the pitch level where pianos sound their best. Pianos are designed for this level of string tension and are useful for accompanying other instruments or playing along with recorded music when at concert pitch.

In a piano with a poor tuning history the pitch will gradually fall to a level where a large overpull and multiple tunings are required to return the piano to concert pitch. This not only takes longer to complete than a regular tuning, but also usually leaves the piano in an unstable state where a fine tuning will not remain for very long, usually requiring further tuning to reach stability.

Sometimes it is no longer possible to raise a piano back to concert pitch if it has dropped too far or if the piano has structural issues such as loose tuning pins, breaking strings and cracks. In this case it may still be possible to tune the piano low, but still in tune within itself. We can advise the best course of action for a very flat piano based on its condition.

Piano tuner tuning an upright piano